Constuction Guide

The ‘construction process’ (sometimes called the ‘construction stage’) is the physical processes of building, landscaping or refurbishing plus all the associated activities, such as demolition, site clearance, administration and so on.

Construction works are typically carried out by contractors, although in the housing sector, contractors may be referred to as builders or housebuilders, and contractors may appoint subcontractors and other suppliers to carry out some or all of the works.


Constuction Details

Constructing a house in Bangalore or anywhere for that matter seems to pose its own challenges in terms of varying cost, lack of shared knowledge, govt approvals, risks involved etc. In this blog I try to share some of my experiences and learnings. Construction is a science and something people have been doing for ages but it is one aspect that is not documented well enough. There are books on civil construction but there aren't many books that talk about house construction from an end user perspective.

If you have any experiences and want to share, please leave a comment and I will try to incorporate your suggestions and ideas.


Vastu Tips

Literally translating to “the science of architecture”, Vastu Shastra lays down the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry for a home or any built-up structure; sometimes incorporating traditional Hindu (and even Buddhist) religious beliefs, the theories of Vastu provide ideas and concepts for making a living space harmonious with nature, not restricted to rigid layout diagrams and integrating geometric patterns, symmetry and directional alignments.